Movement building can be a very powerful strategy to challenge governments, stake holders, institutions and social beliefs. Movements in communities are very common, because often people stand together for improving their own community together. Successful movements have the power to bring a great change in society and  re-orient the way people think.

Movement building is all about keeping the momentum in all you do to make an indelible footprit in the society. Jacqueline Novogratz summed it up beautifully- “To be part of building a movement you have to keep moving”.

Practical guideline!

It’s a difficult task to mobilize and control  people to work out the same goal thogether. Here are some practical tips you can apply  if you want to start a formidable movement yourself;

Point out your aim: Explain why the movement is important, why change should be embraced by all.

convince everyone to join: make it so explicit that everyone has a voice to make a change, that more people together with the power of solidiarity can make a louder voice. Everyone can help and play a part towards change.

Organize peer groups, high dedicated people, family menbers, community change makers. etc: Be sure to include more influencial people and listen to their  candid ideas and opinions

Develop a solid foundation: Make a structure if you want your movement to become an effective organization and take affective step to achieve it.

 Good communication: Make sure to maintain good relationships with the people in your movement. Try to connect more people to make unexpected encounters and create innovative ideas!

 Be more open to them: Make sure everyone knows what is happening. the result so far and  the challanges that needed urgent attention.