When we crave our minds towards  leaders, we often think of popular or well-known geniuse personalities, like Nelson Mandela or Mahatma Gandhi. But, as we may have noticed  in life, that there are many types of leaders. As well as different  leadership qualities! But the choice is always yours! to choose who, and which example to follow.  Many people including myself have a model list. the people we look up to, like parents, teachers, TV personalities, clergies, and whole lot them.

Those persons you admire are almost everything to you while you grow up. An hour spend with a person you admire worth more than weeks spend in the company of others. People can have different role models, depending on their vision in life. For example, if you have a passion for sports, then a famous sports player might be your role model. Others could be  fashion designers, politicians, clergies, celebrities, or colleagues who are good at a certain skill.

Such a person who you look up to can reasonably influence the choices you make in life, such as career choices. So think about a genuine leader with a great passion to influence positively.   someone you admire, and alway aspire to be like. Is there someone in your life who you look up to? Who do you want to be like? paul said. “imitate me as i imitate christ”. there must be a person you should look up to, if you relly want to succeed in life. that road so tough for you today, there are people who has gone through it. all you need to do, is to always get idea from them, then you are one step away to your success.

What are the qualities and contributions of  this person’s  to the society, that makes you admire them or look up to them? Some qualities of effective leaders or role models are as follows:

  • Trust and good communication always 
  • Inviting of creative ideas from team menbers 
  • Not afraid to try something new
  • Encourage teams to learn from prior efforts and experience 
  • Always assist their team to stay focused on their goals and objectives
  • Not afraid to acknowledge that problems may always come. Solution orianted.
  • Understand that problem-solving is a team concern
  •  Alway Provide support as well as accept 
  • Able to work in different views and with different people
  • Good listeners who tune in and respond to the needs and ideas of others
  • Able to present ideas in a clear and easy manner
  • Respectful of the needs and capacities of team members

Practical guideline!

Write down the person’s  you admire. Write down 10 reasons  why you admire them and alway look up to them. then on a grand style think about reasons why others might admire you as well.