Sensitization literally means making people to be aware or  ‘sensitive’ about a perticular issue. This is the basic goal of awareness raising and is what you ideally want to achieve – that people become aware and  therefore react to certain issues.

Sensitization is always the core vision of every Good leader. Nelson Mandela {South African Formal president} Rightly pointed out – “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” You Sensitize people by telling them what they don’t know. and that is the root of Education.

What are the different ways to sensitize people around you?

  • Improving knowledge: This means that you want to inform people about an issue and make sure they have the correct information to truly understand the issue. You want your audience to think critically about the issue and actively participate in change making.
  •  attitudes changing: This means that you want to change people’s behaviour or orientation towards the issue on ground. You explain to them how new behaviours and attitudes will have a powerful impact and may posibly change cultural norms and beliefs.
  • skills orientation: Advice them to have skills and alwyas practise their changed behaviour and attitudes.
  • Building  up moral support: People you are sensitizing should know that they have the responsibilities to support, or give help, to other people in need. 

Practical guideline!Here are some tips carefully designed to hep you put the information you exploit above into formidable work;

  • Sensitize through powerful interaction and discussion
  •  with smoothing words and convincing arguments
  •  through acquisition and skill building activities
  •   Foundation building
  •   encouraging people to build a good social and moral support network

Try one of these sensitizing strategies in your own way of life, to see how it works


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