You will never reach your destination if…

You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks at you this powerful statement was noted by {Winston Churchill}.

while you travail on the path to your destination, it is a sure deal to come across a lot of individuals. Each person you come across recently must be different from those you had met before. some of this people will always like to appreciate and encourage you towards you goal. while others might not fail the opportunity to throw the stone of criticisms at you. this kind of people are the barking dogs the society has provided us with. you can never reach your destination if you stop and throw the stone of answers to their criticisms. just let go of them. the main motive of this people is to distract you. don’t give them the attention to dis-focus you!

You need to keep going even when the going gets though. The only prize you need to pay to this set of people is to constantly ignore them. And focus on your target, it is only then that your achievements will respond.

Tools to use in the time of barking waves of the dogs

Mastering all this tools as well as your own emotion is another formidable step to becoming great. and I hope you would never dream to be knocked out.


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