I am not what Happened to me, I am what I Choose to Become

I am not what happen to me, I am what I choose to become. this simple yet a profound statement was made by- Carl Jung.

Mosst people live whether physically, intellectually or morally – in a very restricted circle of their thought and ofcurse mind.

In reality, every thought that man produce, either bcomes a stepping STONE or a stumbling BLOCK. Most unfortunate people in life are always the architect of thier own problem.

The thought garden is a symbol for the mind, “If  you care for your thought,Nuture it and cultivate only but a tremendious words of faith, just like a fertile garden- it will blossom far beyound every limitations. But if you let the weed of inferiority take root, Lasting accomplishments will always elude you.

Let me quickly ask you a simple yet a powerful question. If i went into your backyard where you may proberbly have a garden- and throw a toxic waste over all your prized crops.

I hope you would be thrilled? As a matter of fact, most good gardeners guard their gardens like a proud soldier and make firm that no contamination ever enters.

would you make firm today what you choose to become?

look at the toxic waste most people put into the fertile garden of their thought every single day: the worries, anxities and the self- created choas that wreak havoc within them.

Bad and inferiority thought drains the mind much of its power to parfectly do exploit. to really savor the secreet of unkwon, you must stand guard at the gate of your garden and let only the very best words enters. You truly can not afford to the luxury of a negative thought! The most joyful and contented people of this world are NO different from you in terms of makeup. all you need to do is adopt a positive paradigm of your world and all that is in it. those who think negatively and choose to become what happens to them has fallen into bad mental harbit. focus your mind, srenght and energy on the good things of life AND on what you choose to become. than been hampered on the obscurity of your past.

Are you a captive of what happened to you? or a master of what you choose to become?

Most people fret over about a failed relationship and financial mess while others about thier lost job or bad childhood experience. There are what happened to YOU!

Choose today what to become

Most succesful people in the world today usually begine their succes where most others QUIT. almost everybody are equiped with the same raw materials from the moment we take our first breath of air. WHY then do some acheive succes more than others?

  • The way they refined their own raw materials might be different from yours. By conciously absorbing a positive thought every day.
  • The way they sees obstacle might be different from the way you DO. Every genuis sees obstacle and embrace them. perciving it as a STEPPING STONE and therefore mining out every gold in them.
  • They do not wait for thier sheep, they swim to it. Genuis dont wait for opportunities, they creat one
  • They always embrace CHANGE, for if NOT, they will end up in chain
  • Always definite in dicision making
  • Always strong on the face of obstacle
  • Strongly determined to achieve a goal

Today choose what to BECOME, dont ever be in the PRISON of your past. Become the master of your own SHIP



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