Face Everything and Rice

Face everything and Rise.

The future belongs to the risk takers not comfort seekers. difficult days never last but strong people do. the only thing you need to become great is to become a breathing human being.

Face everything and Rise. Challenge is the most powerful force in our world today, most people fear it, the wise embrace it. The wise people does what is right rather than what is easy.

It has been said that if people put as much energy into achieving their goal as they spend making up excuses for failure, they would actually surprise themselves.

When you gets to your destination you will find out that what you learn on the path to your goal is actually more valuable than the goal itself.

{Columbus} faced everything when he was looking for a route to India and discovered American. No obstacle leaves you the way it found you, either it change you for better or for worse it’s the way you respond to it that makes the difference. A great leader was asked, how do you overcome the obstacles of LIFE? He replied other obstacles.  Never say that an obstacle is too big to hit rather always affirm that an obstacle is too big to miss.

Face everything and Rise

The first rule of success is very simple. vote yourself out of the island of Excuses. then you will rise.

{Luz Holt z} said: ” I never had crisis that didn’t make me stronger”.

every problem introduce a person to himself.

Persistence can be a bitter plant but it have sweet fruits.

{Robin Sharma} said: “we become fearless by visiting the place that scares us”.

Life’s biggest setback reveals life’s biggest opportunities.

Face everything today and Rise.

The evidence of YOUR GREAT FUTURE  far much outweighs the proof of your doubt. will you face everything today and rise higher than your fears?  Losers make excuses winners make progress. if it’s to be, it’s up to you!


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