People Who don't take Risks are Making the Bigger Mistake

People Who don’t take Risks are Making the Bigger Mistake. Future belongs to the risk takers not comfort seekers.

many are confined in the little shackle of their comfort zone. only but with the fear of taking a RISK.

  • the fear to start up a new business 
  • a new relationship 
  • a new job interview
  • get a new house 
  •  organize a campaign for a political position

having in mind to start out most of these goal. Are what we perceive as RISK. Not being  certain of the result. weather it will turn out good or bad. 

considering all the huge EXPENSE, EFFORT, TIME AND MONEY involved in taking one particular RISK. one might actually choose to remain on his comfort zone. Instead of engaging on a mission so impossible to be achieved.But this believe could be considered erroneous.

FEAR is one of the most dangerous trait in our world today. the greatest remedy to this very trait is enough and Re-sounding  FAITH on your own willpower. 

 A man said: “fear knocked on my door, faith answered.”

People Who don’t take Risk are Making the Bigger Mistake

becoming a genius requires a big RISK that would be accompanied with your FAITH. You can not just dream yourself into what you could be, it requires enough COURAGE, FAITH and RISK.

Some has taken many RISK and failed, then decided not to take any other RISK in life. but one thing this kind of people refuse to understand is that Failure is an event not a person.

Taking a RISK is a continuous process to achieving  a great success. the only thing to do, is hold on to your enthusiasm.

{Winston Churchill} said: “success grows from failure to failure without the lost of enthusiasm.” never loose your courage!

never give up because you failed. when you fail pick something new, dust up yourself and begin a new race. the sky is your starting point.




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