True Leader create Leaders not followers

True Leader create Leaders not followers. many people believe that leaders create followers instead of leaders. but that could be considered erroneous. Genuine leaders build solidly upon the rock of every followers until they becomes leader. a good leader is always there to show the followers the way of becoming a leader.

True Leader create Leaders not followers

{John Maxwell} said:” “a leader is the one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way” 

people do not follow a leader because of character, they do because of conviction.The core vision of every good leader is to Re-awaken the consciousness of the followers to believe in themselves instead of doubt.

A follower is the one who helps the leader work assiduously to achieve a certain goal. in return of this selfless effort of the follower, the leader shows him how to make a creative ideas, believe in themselves, have a formidable focus, then becomes a leader they are made to be, instead of a follower.

I love this quote: “Great mind teach creative ideas, Average mind talks about things and small mind discuss people.”

Leaders are always different from followers in:

  • Thinking 
  • creative ideas
  • Good planning 
  • Pro-active imagery  
  • action oriented and whole lot more.

A Good leader gives strength to his followers. Borrows courage to his followers

adopts a powerful faith in them. and encourage them to be persistence.

“People becomes what you encourage them to be, not what you nagged them to do.” 

A good leader loves every burning zeal of the followers to become great.

{Will Rogers} said: “I never met a man who i did not like”

Any leader who refuse to build up leadership on his followers would be left with a huge workload. 


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