Keeping your head in a crisis

Keeping your head in a crisis

Crisis literally symbolize obstacles of life.  Many embrace it. while host of others tremble before it.

{Martin Luther king Jr} said: “the ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience but where he stands during the time of challenges and crisis”

Keeping your head  in a crisis makes you addicted to the crisis. It makes you flow along with the circumstance of life. Never to be afraid of any GIANT.

The only thing that can make one not to keep head in crisis is FEAR. either the fear to die or the fear to be defeated. on this regard it is  important to point out the meaning of FEAR:

F- false

E- evidence

A- appearing

R- real 

Fear is just a false evidence wrecking havoc within your inner self. the only remedy to stop this fear is a strong FAITH on your own will. before you conquer any crisis, you must stick your FAITH above your FEAR.

{john Manson} said: “you can never get your head above the water without sticking your neck out of it.”

you must learn how to confront your crisis, obstacles, and all the challenges of life with a relentless effort.

The simple and easy way to conquer any crisis in life is to:

  • Be perseverance.

  • definite in decision making.

  •  action oriented.

  •  courageous in the midst of great storm.

With this and lot more attributes, you can have a strong mental power on your own will

Keeping your head in crisis doesn’t entails being stocked in one particular challenge of life. Rather being able to work in the pool of many challenges of life, wherewith your victory is assured.

Keeping your head in a crisis

{Author Williams} said: “Real optimist is aware of problem but recognize the solution.” how you responds to this crisis makes all the differences.

on every crisis of life, no one can defeat you, unless you defeat yourself.

the only thing to be defeated with is FEAR while the only thing to defeat with is FAITH. never give up on any crisis of life. when the world is saying give up, hope whispers try it one more time.


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