A Genuine leadership lesson from Mother Mary Teresa

A Genuine leadership lesson from  Mother Mary Teresa 

History has it that many people worked down the planet earth making an indelible footprint while they go! You can hardly mention any of this great leaders without having mother Mary Teresa in record. Mother Mary Teresa was a dedicated and selfless leader who never relented in the service of mankind.

A Genuine leadership lesson from Mother Mary Teresa of Calcutta.

often when we talk about ‘leadership’ almost everybody conceives it differently, some could only see leadership in politics, while many others in military. notwithstanding

Mother Mary Teresa of Calcutta never perceived leadership as been in power. rather she sees leadership as a selfless service. in so doing. she was highly dedicated in working for the less privileged. She choose to Cary alone on her the most avoidable burdens of other leaders yet the greatest one. with this, she was able to worn herself a page on the History.

Mother Mary Teresa while travelling by train to Darjeeling on a certain occasion “received a powerful inspiration that made her gave out her life in the service of others. the inspiration was to forget everything about the convent school she was attending. and live among the poor and help them.without any hesitation She started out immediately.  even when she has no money for the task. But Because of her burning desire to serve mankind. she had to beg for bread and food, for the people she has been called to help. on this process mother Teresa was seriously criticized, but she never gave up until she was up to submit her ghost. even when she died her legacy still make, and will continue to make a great stride. Mother Teresa conquered self- centered life, and gave out her life for the poor. hence she observed in one of her quote that: ” a self- centered person is an empty person”.
 Mother Teresa was never an empty person, she fulfilled a purpose! Are you still an empty person today? If you were to be mother Teresa could you have accepted the call? have you discovered your own purpose in life? if yes. work towards it. if no. try to do!

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