The story of the Taoist Farmer

The story of the Taoist Farmer.

There was once a farmer in ancient China who had a “wheel” horse.  his neighbors would always tell him, “you are so lucky, to have the horse to help you always”. probably the farmer did replied on his own way.

One day the farmer didn’t lock the gate as was before and the horse ran away. quit unfortunate This is a bad news!” his neighbors exclaimed. “ a big misfortune!” the farmer probably replied on his own way.

After some days the horse was back, coming along with it six other horses. “this is amazing! You are a person of a good fortune,” his neighbors said. “Honestly you are a Genius!” ” probably the farmer did responded gently.

The upper week the farmer’s son was bringing back all the horses on guard, when one of them broke out and injured his leg.  “what a misfortune over again!”the neighbors complained,  ” probably the farmer did replied.

Few days later military men invaded the city, took with them all the able men to help fight in the war. The farmer’s son was left behind because of the injury “his neighbors rejoiced. and shouted with exclamation. “the farmer may have probably replied to their actions”.

The story of the Taoist Farmer vividly pointed out to us that “success can not make you, and failure can not break you”

In the travelogue of life, many fall heed and surrender to any situation they found themselves in, while lot of others keeps their Hopes alive. swimming- to their ship and waiting for the best to come!

{John Manson} said: “dont wait for your ship to come,  swim to it”

many people in life never discovered any  good thing in their circumstance unlike the farmer. that alone gives them enough misfortune to deal with. Today just like the farmer, you should learn how to appreciate every condition you found yourself. Having  strong faith that the best is to come!




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