What growth is to seed

What growth is to seed.

Before a seed grows, either it was planted or long troweled away and forgotten. But you will be astonished by the new and improved seed that will spring up. You might be tempted to ask: how could a dying seed few days, weeks and months ago now becomes so lively and strong. Was this extraordinary change a magic?

Now look at what happen. At first when a seed is been troweled away, abandoned and forgotten. it shrinks and seems to have died. But then, it was only passing through an inevitable process of change.

What growth is to seed. As the days slip into week, weeks into months, the seed slowly began to feel alive and strengthened, the living spark speedily returns and a whole lot of energy restored.

{Cynthia ocelli said}

“for a seed to achieve

It greatest,

 Expression it must

Come completely

Undone, the shell

Cracks, it inside

Come out and

Everything changes.

To someone who

Doesn’t understand

Growth it would look

Like complete


when we get completely knocked down, we become undone. When the shell cracks, we become expose to a new living. it inside comes out; we are fully prepared to continue our journey in the face of the new era. Everything changes; we become addicted and flow along with the changing environment.

Just like a seed, we must welcome our changing time with an open arm. Otherwise we might not fully enjoy the glorious transit of our new self.

In life, before we grow, we need to understand the process of growth. Otherwise we might think that we have not grown while we have exceeded to another level of life. Just like the seed, before we achieve any greater exploit, we must come completely undone. The shell of our strength cracks. our weakness take root and everything changes. It is only then, that we will come to realize that we have been long troweled away just like a seed by our closest companion. But then, it is never a destruction. it is certainly a growth process.



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