God Knows Our Name

God knows our Name

One of the easiest ways to identify someone is by

  1. knowing the name of the person.
  2.  the address or location of the person and 
  3. the statues and Gender base of the person

Most of the time when we ran into old friends, we find it very difficult to remember Their names just because often we have stopped every Link with them, connections and Relationships with them. it is only Then that the memories storage has our permission to temporarily delete every trace of them.

However, that being the fact. It is very import to know that so long as the Links, connections and bounds has not been broken. We must never in any way forget the names of our friends. just Because on each day, their names and thoughts about them are been displayed in the dashboard of our mind to run.

Notwithstanding , God own very case is totally different. He has all our identities even before our notice. Be it physical, spiritual, mentally and otherwise.

Scriptural outline to show that God knows our identities before us

A man called Moses was once diver-stated in life, not having any other objection other that became a shepherd to his father in-law. during one of his trips to feed the flocks. He had an encounter that he would never forget. Right then. God called Moses by his “name” and introduced himself to Him. That could be incredible. Who could have told God the name of Moses? Or probably gave Him his address? This simple and yet a profound question has not been addressed, and would never be addressed!

If God knows the name of Moses and can locate his address without anybody. He knows our name too. And is ever ready to find us at the due time. [see Exodus 3: 1- 8].

You might be tempted to ask: if God truly knows my name. why then has He not called, identified and pulled me out of this horrible condition? Well! The answer is not far fetch. The simple reason remains that the appointed time of God has not yet come.

God in His glory called, identified and blessed all His faithful people at His appointed time!

[see Genesis 12]. The call of Abraham.

[ see 1 Samuel 3]. The call of Samuel.

[see Jeremiah 1] the Lord called Jeremiah by his name.

[Ezekiel 2]. the call of God came directly to Ezekiel by his name

In our daily routine, there is a “still” voice of God calling us! One man of God was interrogated: “what would you do when God stop speaking?” He said: I will check my hearing, for God never stops speaking! The most problem we have today that might have hindered the call of God in our life is from our hearing system. Just like Samuel, He never knew it was God calling. until he realized that he has problem with identifying the voice of God.  But the good news was that God never stopped, until He Realized.

In the same way, I strongly believe that God would never stop calling us until we identifies with Him!


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