Choose Your Own Destiny

Choose Your Own Destiny

It is in the nature of every individual to choose his/her destiny. Destiny here could be regarded as what is usually perceived in the mind of becoming.

This being the fact. As every individual have a different mindset. So also, our destinies are shaped differently in the blueprint of our mind. If our destinies are perceived and nurtured in our individual mind before it becomes reality, it means we have chosen them.

In the path to this, you must be Everly ready to pass through the process of change. One of the best ways to easily determine your destiny, is to be sure of the leading route to where you are going to.

Each step you make towards your destiny you learn a valuable lesson that will either shape you or break you.

While you strive to learn new innovative, the better you unfold and then you can only become a soul author of your own destiny and make a firm decision the paths to trade upon. When you do this. Every other waves outside wouldn’t blow you out of your destiny. Usually this characteristic is known as definite in decision making.

To choose your own destiny. you must be a person of a strong “will”

you must dedicate much time in developing the hidden treasure in you than enjoying your little achievements. For what you persistently dedicate your time in doing everyday of your life brings you closer to your destiny so as your destination.

Another key factor that will favorably help you to your destination is to be much grounded with many experiences, learning and training, be it physically, spiritually, mentally and otherwise. For experience is the best teacher.

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On this path, note that there are many strong thoughts that needed to be harbored:

  1. Always positive every time.
  2. Understand the concept by [Winston Churchill] that: “success grows from failure to failure without the loss of enthusiasm”
  3. Learn how to accept every problem, for success are hidden in them. [Normal Vincent Peale] made a profound statement that: “when God wants to give you a gift, He will wrap it up with a problem” just untie the problem you will identify the success.

Thoughts that need not to be harbored:

  • Being pessimist instead of optimist
  • Procrastination oriented and
  • Dwelling in past. A man said: if you fall, pick something and rise!

So today pick your lesson on those mistakes that have kept you backward and launch yet another powerful step towards your destiny with a renewed mind and thoughts, for through the running way of the mind our destinies are achieved!




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