Stir Up Your Spiritual Gift

Stir Up Your Spiritual Gift. in our contemporary world today, many Christians has been brainwashed with only but a little mistaken believe that the gift of God need not to  be continuously stirred. It is on the basics of this mistaken believe that most Christians has deliberately decided to abandon the path to stirring up the gift. and however choose to re-Cline on the lane to weakness. It might interest me to quickly lead you to a massage of an eyes opener. Every single gift that God gives need constant farning into flame, constant stirring up, and continuous renewal. However, before understanding and mastering a path to stirring up the gift. it is necessary to discover the gift itself.

The first valuable gift of God within us! is the GIFT OF LIFE. then Second, our purpose in life. without a flaming zeal to stir up life and it’s purpose. we might never become the person we are meant to be. This gift comes directly from God through His holy spirit. to be mentioned but few. so therefore, If we have the Spirit of God, we have His gifts as well. The problem remains that we fail to realize that, like Timothy did, we need to stir up the gift of God within us. Each of us I believe has one purpose or the other in life. as well as the common purpose of Christ to preach the Gospel and make disciples of Him. With this on the mental picture of the mind, it is certain that God has  gifted us to walk in His purpose. The responsibilities are only our core mission. What we need to do is to stir them up into a burning spark.

The only possible remedy to fulfill our purpose in life is to stir up the gift of God within us

Our main problem arises when we focus only in believing on the ones we tagged ‘big’ gifts  like- prophecy,  evangelism, teaching, healing, deliverance, preaching, signs and wonders. Without realizing that if we make use of the simple ones God gave us. He might add another.  And that easy ones are simply charitable attitude. But the main problem that has ever befallen the Body of Christ today, is envy and jealousy. how sure are we to stir up the gift we have not, if we had not stirred up the ones under our foot? This is a mistaken perception that robs too many believers of their destiny in Christ. Before we can stir up the gift that God has placed within us, we must first take hold and believe in the actual truth that God has placed in each of us one particular unique gift.

Because we are not called to ‘full time ministry’ doesn’t dictate we don’t have a ministry in Christ. and we don’t have spiritual gifts. that is a big fallacy. May I quickly remind you that each one of us  form the body of Christ. Every single believer has an important part in the functioning body of Christ. and that should be our joy!  Without even one of us playing our part and exercising our gift in Christ, His body cannot function as it suppose perfectly. Christ needs His fingers and toes as much as He needs the larger parts of His Body. It’s important that we realize this truth and take hold our purpose in Christ. The strong faith we might gain from the attainment of this believe is mother sufficient to stir up the spiritual gift within us!

Stir Up Your Spiritual Gift. The first thing we need to do is to seek the knowledge of God to show us which gift we have and the one we have not. while we do this, Another key step to achieving this formula is to learn not to compare ourselves with others. One person may have the gift of encouragement. while another the gift of hospitality. The gifts of God within us are basically designed for the purpose of revealing Christ in us! little wonder the statement by Paul in {Galatians 2: 20}: “I am died crucified with Christ, no more me living but Christ living in me” when a believer formidably attains the height of this spiritual truth. He dies and live for Christ. and if a person truly lives for Christ, He will certainly stir up every gift of God within Him, so that Christ would be made manifest both in truth and in spirit.

Stir Up Your Spiritual Gift. While we persistently seek the knowledge of God in this race, we must not forget to ask Him for the Grace to follow. reflecting the statement of Paul in: {2 Corinthians 2:9} “I need your Grace to follow”….. This entails  spending more time with the Holy spirit in Prayers. and being ever willing to honor His directions through the gift of Christ. even when it seems impossible in our sight. The wonderful truth is that nothing God does is without a particular purpose. Every step He takes is valuable in our spiritual and physical life. One word alone from God is enough to turn out our condition for good! Every time we seek the face of God for His will to be made manifest and for our spiritual gift to be reviewed, He always honor us more than expected.

Stir Up Your Spiritual Gift. The basics is that every call from God starts with simple steps of obedience. David obediently started out as a  flock keeper. Moses before the great commission was a Shepherd to the flocks of his father-in-law. Before  Joseph was elevated, He has to become a slave and a prisoner. Yet this circumstance never prevented the purpose of God in the life of Joseph neither in the life of others. because they had the courage to trust God even in the midst of whirlwind. This people and more trust God with absolute faith that He would never abandon them. with this powerful faith in the face of obstacles, they had already stirred up the spiritual gift God placed within them. Because they had resolved to remain calm while God takes the Lead!

It is clearly enough that this is the time the world needs Christ as well as His word more than. In a time of Change like this, when every thing has turned upside down. no more regards for God, His word and His temple. when many have understood the church of Christ as the highest political ground. when the church has becomes worldly and the world becomes Churchly. All the atrocities been hidden in the Church. when anybody who believes in God is been scorned to the last and the person of Jesus in us been mocked and rejected by many. That is why the world needs to cliff to Jesus. The power of His word needs to stir us. His passion in the cross needs to refined our purpose. There might be a person out there who is in need of the gift that God placed within us. What are we waiting for to stir up that person? Poor foundational background never held Moses from delivering the Israelite. and any other reasons you might give, are not sufficient to hold us from stirring those gift that God has placed within us! We have been raised up and sent out specifically to meet a certain need, until we stir up those gift within us and begin to walk in the purpose of God, otherwise we would never meet that specification.

We stir up the gift by doing what we suppose to do every day. Being obedient to the directions of the Holy Spirit. No matter how and what it is, it must involve the purpose of God, and it’s only in following His directions that His purpose is made manifest in us and in others. Constant obedience is the key, stepping out in faith even when it seems impossible in our sight, for with God all things are possible. The more we use this gift in faith, the more we grow in Grace.

Stir Up Your Spiritual Gift. Draw near to God today by farning into flame His gift within you, so that He will Draw near to you by giving you the Grace to abide. Have you observed that the whole world at large are in need of what God placed in you? and that God is ever ready to give you the courage, strength, and passion to walk in His calling and purpose, no matter what it might be.


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