The Journey Of Faith is like a roller coaster

The Journey Of Faith is like a roller coaster. In any circumstances we might find ourselves into, one keyword that should be certain to us is that “God never change” The Scripture says in {Malachi 3:6} I am your God I changes not. Hebrew 13:8, The same Jesus Christ was yesterday, Today and Forever. He never change and He will not change! The same God that delivered the Israelite from the Land of their afflictions is still Alive!

This same God who never abandoned His faithful servant in the grave, will never abandon us! Whatever we  might be passing through, There is still a green light at the end of the tunnel. In the midst of that great turbulent God still loves us and has a good plan for us! Jeremiah 29:11 says, I the Lord have a plans for you, a plan of peace not of disaster. All we need to do, is to be open to God about how we feel and what we need, just as David, Job and Jesus suffered many afflictions. But never denied God!  psalm 34:19 says, “many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord  will deliver Him out of them all” The Lord who has already began a great work for us will certainly finish the work He has started (Philippians 1: 6)!

Our Journey Of Faith like a roller coaster.

When we talked about how sometimes our journey of faith is like a roller coaster. It simply implies The hardships, the afflictions and the temptations all in the path to achieving greatness! But we might at the end of the journey enjoy the ride because God is in control. Mathew 8: 23-27, The apostles of Jesus was excited when the master calmed the storm. God is able to calm the ranging storms of our lives, all we need to do, is to engage Him through constant prayers! and believe in the power of His word.

Many times in our lives, when God is leading us into new testimonies especially the ones out of our comfort zone, It’s the duty of God to take the lead while we follow. it’s our own call duty to enjoy the Ride in total surrender to His “Will” It always look like Sometimes He doesn’t tell us what is ahead of us. But He knows the route more that we do. therefore weather He reviews to us or not what lies ahead, we will certainly get there!

The Scripture urges us to expect trouble but certainly not the ones that will prevail over us!

The life of Jesus’ is a typical example of a roller coaster. He goes from creating a popularity through out all the places. act 10:28 says, Jesus was anointed by the holy ghost and power and He went about doing good, performing performing miracle and healing the sick! At the down time when we  might understand that God has forsaken us! The same people that was healed by Jesus tried to kill Him. However, that notwithstanding Jesus had a strong faith and courage to follow up to the end.
In Mark 14, the Scripture tells us the horrible experience Jesus passed through on the night before His Crucifixion.
Jesus knew that His time has come to face the reality of His calling. He however accepted that in good faith! This point in time when Jesus tells His disciples, “My heart is overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death.” If it has been us today, I doubt weather we would continue to the end after the experience. we might likely give up on the struggle. that said, is not to compare us with the person of Jesus, For His God. But as we all know that on this certain point of His life, His Father has taken away His Divinity and input in Him Humanity, That was why He felt every bit of the sorrow as never before, then He falls to the ground and made a supplication that His Father might take away the cup from Him. Nevertheless, Jesus immediately Remembered that His Father was involved, then He said: “not My will, but Thy will.”

The trait of King David as a roller coaster

The most distinguished thing that has ever made David an outstanding King among others is that even during the worse time of His life, He never stop praising God! He still proclaims the faithfulness of God. Even when he might be defeated, He never forgot when God was so Good to Him. David never stop trusting God! Would you trust God today on every situation? knowing that your redeemer liveth!

In life we may have been stocked in this kind of condition like, or related to that of Jesus and David. How have we responded to them? and How would we respond to them now? Knowing fully well that God is involve! and He will never abandon us.


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