Write Down The Vision And Make It Plain

Write Down The Vision And Make It Plain. God wrote down His Word and made it plain! The Vision of God under Written prescript is called The Scripture 

Habakkuk 2:2 is one of the most outstanding verse in the Bible when it comes to writing down a vision and Running it. Most people usually get excited when it comes to a part of the Scripture talking about vision and perhaps the guidelines to run the vision. It sounds inspiring and interesting to hear preacher say, “Write the vision and make it plain…”  But, it becomes another story when it comes to actually writing them out and working on them.

The fact remains that it takes more than just hearing a message, reading a lot of motivational books or attending many seminar about vision. It’s a clear call of discipline, effort and courage to write down your vision and work on it.

Write down the vision and make it plain…

All of this ideas of write the vision are quite nice, but some people might not know their vision talk more of knowing what to write. I always recommend that we start by Writing God’s Vision for us!

knowing the vision of God for us is the stepping formula to achieving our own vision. God has written down His vision for us, His purpose  and His guidelines for us. therefore By spending much time with God as well as in His Word, we will identify His vision for us.

We build up our relationships with people by spending time with them, engaging them in discussion, mastering what they like and what they do not. It is in this same manner that we develop our relationship with God – by spending time with Him in prayer, talking to Him in our mind and mastering what He likes and the ones He do not through His word.

while engaging God without any distraction of any kind. always remember to write down what ever that He tells you- for that might certainly form a part of your vision. when you have a new inspiration, ideas and good thoughts towards something, write them down. Don’t say later. for it might be too late then. we might actually forget but pen and pepper wouldn’t. outline out some scriptural verses like Psalm. 139:16-17, Jeremiah 29:11, Jeremiah 33:3, proverb 3: 5-6  just to mention but few. Each time you savor this scriptures, personalize them to yourself, understand it as God talking directly to you! Learn the habit of always reciting the vision that God has placed in you as a matral, find also some scriptural backup in accordance with your vision and run them in the dashboard of your mind day after day. with this attributes been memorized and recited everyday, You’d be on a better position to achieving your vision.


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