Make Jesus Famous

This key analogy “Make Jesus Famous” in the Christian language today has become so vast and simply yet only little knows what it means. while lot of others are ignorance of the meaning. The most problem of the Christians today, is that “Christianity” gets to our head not our mind

There are many ways to “make Jesus Famous”

  • Planting a church
  • Evangelism
  • Charitable work 
  • Praying for the sick
  • Alms giving and
  • Building up connection with people


All this and more are the basic steps to “make Jesus Famous” But this must be done with the spirit of selflessness. Not projecting your wants as a priority while doing the work of the God. Today, some people might only have little but selfish interest to open up a church with the little aim of gaining wealth But not to make Jesus Famous. the testimony of this was the discussion I had with a very close friend of mine.

When I graduated from the university I had this burning desire to “Make Jesus Famous” though Earlier from my Lad I always thought of becoming a Man of God! then after my studies, I had to enroll on a Bible school, with the core aim to do the work of the Father now it is day, less night comes when the workers would not be able to work.

During one of my crusade programs, I was opportune to re unite with this friend of mine.

Gosh David! are you really the one in charge of this ministry? with all this popularity? I know you have gotten many flits of Cars and Houses? Running up a diagnoses on my mind of where exactly He was Heading to, I gestured, Yeah! The Lord Has been Faithful!, For certainly He services those who serves Him. And the most important of all, Reserve them with a befitting place in His Kingdom after life.

Waooo! this is great, I ‘d wish to become a Man of God too! so I can acquire all this wealth. This statement sounds so ridiculous to Me but not as the same to Him. How could you have told me that the only utmost priority of someone becoming a Man of God, is to acquire immediate wealth and not to Make Jesus Famous and win souls for the kingdom of God.

How this kind of people behave when they eventually get into pulpit

This is incredibly bad! when this kind of people eventually gets into the pulpit, they will begin to pollute everywhere with adulterated teachings. And gullible minds are deceived. People who are not deep rooted in Christ will be carried away by their Teachings! You see this kind of people turning the whole scripture upside down. Making all kinds of prophecy because for the sake of money! You see this kind of people while preaching a massage, will always like to tell us how expensive their wrist watch are, How they has spend so hugely to come to our programs and therefore we will have to give them a huge envelop in return while going! this kind of massage is what I called “self projection massage” You will see somebody preach the Gospel for 2 Hours, Mention I, I, I,  100 times and mention Jesus only once or twice. This kind of people are only with the mission of making themselves Famous not Jesus.

If we must make Jesus Famous, we need to come back to basics. we need to preach the Bible centered massages, not self centered massages. we need to preach Jesus centered massages not “I centered massages” we need to make Jesus Famous not ourselves

Everyone who choose to make Jesus Famous, will first of all sell His “Will” to the “Will” of God. As Jesus did when He came to make His Father Famous. Jesus came to carry out the “Will” of His Father. And that was salvation! no wonder 2 Corinthians 5:21 says, “For He made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him”


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