Prayer Warrior vs. Intercessor: Explaining The Both

Prayer Warrior vs. Intercessor: Explaining the both. I have often time observed how this two context are misconceived. However I found it a worthy opportunity to carefully deliberate on them. Many people might explain this term interchangeably, but it is as well as good to point out some certain keynotes on the explanation of this two.

The difference between a prayer warrior and an intercessor

A prayer warrior is the one who make a supplication without digging deep into the root to ascertain what exactly is holding the prayer from manifesting. while the work of an intercessor is bound to discovering why His prayers has not been answered and However finds a lasting solutions to it.

so in essence, an intercessor goes more deep in relationship with God than a prayer warrior. A Prayer Warrior could be regarded as a Christian who has the  burning desire to pray for others. Little wonder the caution in the scripture, pray without ceasing. see Luke 18:1.

Prayer Warrior vs. Intercessor: Explaining The Both. In making this discussion more explicit, a prayer warrior is the one who prays for the supplication of your need But might not necessarily accept a role of been used as a helping or delivering instrument. If Moses had stayed back on His comfort zone and perhaps makes a supplication for the people of Israel without accepting the role call to be used by God to deliver them, then He would have been a prayer warrior. But with accepting this role call to be used and see to the need till the end, He becomes an intercessor.

It might interest me to tell you that I am one out of this two context, and that is an intercessor. after praying for a patient most of the time, I may receive a commanding statement by God to pay for the Hospital bill and then take good care of the person till He recovers. However, paying the bill here or taking care of the person doesn’t make me an intercessor, because we all can do that. But I am just trying to buttress on the fact that the call of an intercessor is more wider in scope than that of a prayer warrior. to be an intercessor requires every level of high commitment.

However, in some cases an intercessor may be found doing the work of a prayer warrior. but that doesn’t change him to be a prayer warrior. rather, it propels him more deep to the root of his calling. on that note I would like to point out that weather an intercessor or a prayer warrior, both of them goes to God through the same work-way of prayer but more deep is the relationship of that of an intercessor with God than a prayer warrior.

Prayer Warrior vs. Intercessor: Explaining The Both. When a prayer warrior brings a request before God- He may or may not answer it. If He does, it is the gift of faith working. But that of an intercessor combines with the gift of faith and as well as consistency. In intercession abides more works, discipline, warfare and practical manifestation of the power of God. though, there is a greater price required to be paid.If the price is paid, an intercessor becomes a Tabernacles of Glory just like Moses when He tarried 40 days and night to encounter the Lord. isn’t that amazing? though, in our world today nobody may want to pay the price but all, even those that are called on the field or not will need to manifest in Glory like Moses. Not only in Glory do they manifest but a new position is been gained immediately after paying the price. Moses spake to God face to face like a friend after tarring 40 days and night without bread nor water.

So as I critically look at many ministers today, I see different levels of Authority in prayer. though there is a price, the price is not to be compared with the gain. there is much gained. Just like when Christ knew He was coming to pay the price of our sins. but what consoled Him enough was the Glory that awaits Him after the suffering.

Today, we may never want to pay the price and needs the Glory. that is practically impossible. If the Glory is worth attaining, the price should be worth paying!



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